A Healthy Smile is the Best Smile

A Healthy Smile is the Best Smile

Healthy is best whether you are referring to your mind and body or your teeth and gums. Having a healthy smile keeps the rest of your body in tip top shape because there is a link between overall and oral health.  

Gum Disease and Overall Health

According to Dr. Paul Shinto and his associates, there is growing evidence linking gum disease to heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The chronic low-grade inflammation associated with periodontal disease may be linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

Gum Disease and Overall Health

If you follow this blog you know how important oral health care is regardless of age. With that being said, oral health care is more than brushing twice and flossing once each day. Proactive oral health care means bi-annually professional cleanings as well.

People who are prone to gingivitis and periodontal disease may require deeper and more frequent cleanings. This is referred to as root scaling and planing.

While poor oral hygiene is the number one reason people suffer from gingivitis and periodontal disease, other factors may be at play as well.

Those factors include smoking, genetics, and poor eating habits. Keeping your teeth as free from bacteria as possible is the only way to prevent gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease.

Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis can be cured when you follow your dental professional's instructions. That means paying extra care when you brush and floss, and possibly more frequent deep cleanings.

If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease. Periodontitis is not curable, but is controllable.

People who are susceptible to gum disease or those who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease must visit the dentist at least twice a year to keep the disease under control.

Tooth Loss and Gum Disease

It’s a fact that people with gum disease are more apt to lose teeth. Poor oral hygiene is at the top of the list when it comes to tooth loss risk.

Being proactive is vital and if you haven’t seen your Pasadena dentist in some time, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Paul Shinto DDS or one of his associates today.